This was the second shoot I've done with this family, and I'm not sure if it's even possible, but they seem to get sweeter every time I talk with them!
For a little background on why I love photographing this family so much (besides their absolute cuteness!), we have to travel waaay back (joking) to when I was a wittle tiny baby sixth grader and Mr. C was my music teacher.
Unfortunately, we all quickly learned that music was not a gift that God endowed me with, nevertheless, I did love his class.
Jump ahead a few years, when my mom directed their wedding.
...aaand a few more when they asked me to do a session with them last year for baby E's first year photos.
I can't believe that she's now two! She is talking so much more now and was so much more willing to let me take her picture- at times even making sure that I was! Too cute!

The thing I love most about the C Family is their love- everyone loves one another, and it's so genuine. It's something I often notice and admire about them. 
I don't think that I quit smiling the entire time I reviewed their session- I hope they don't either! ;)